JMC Annual Report, 2014-15 Academic Year

Into the Next Decade: Advancing Education in American Political Thought and History

After a decade working to reinvigorate education in America’s founding principles and history on college campuses, we hope you will be encouraged by our progress over the past year and since we began our efforts in 2004. To see the annual report online, please click here.

In recognition of Jack Miller’s endeavors to champion civic education in the U.S., you will see an interview with him on what has been accomplished over the past decade and why he is so passionate about this education. To see the full interview on our website, please click here.

Other highlights:

  • JMC’s timeline of progress since we began our efforts in 2004
  • A growing national community of 750 professors on hundreds of campuses across the country
  • A list of partner programs on campuses around our nation that promote and sustain education of the American political tradition and its broader influences
  • New partnerships with programs at the University of Pennsylvania and the University of Oklahoma
  • 147 postdoctoral fellowships awarded to promising young scholars who share our mission and are committed to a career teaching college students

Additionally, you can read about our Annual National Summit on Higher Education, summer institutes, regional seminars, research library fellowships, academic journal, online resource center, and more—all offered to support the work of our faculty partners and help them educate many more students.