Jeffrey Pasley: A Fire Bell in the Past – The Missouri Crisis at 200

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A Fire Bell in the Past: The Missouri Crisis at 200 (Volume I)

Edited by Jeffrey L. Pasley and John Craig Hammond


JMC faculty partner Jeffrey Pasley has recently co-edited and contributed to a collection of essays, A Fire Bell in the Past: The Missouri Crisis at 200 (Volume I):

Many of the original essays in this volume began as papers presented at an international conference sponsored by the Missouri Humanities Council and the Kinder Institute on Constitutional Democracy, A Fire-Bell in the Past: Re-assessing the Missouri Crisis at 200, held at the University of Missouri at Columbia on February 15-16, 2019. In an attempt not only to reassess but add to historians’ understanding of the full scope of the causes and consequences of what came to be known as the Missouri Crisis, on a regional and national basis, the editors extended their invitation for scholarly works beyond the conference, ending up with too many first-rate and important new additions to the historiography than could be presented in this first volume. With the second volume slated for Fall 2021 publication, this unique work is perfectly timed to mark Missouri’s Bicentennial.

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Jeffrey PasleyJeffrey Pasley is Professor and the Frederick A. Middlebush Chair of History at the University of Missouri. Professor Pasley’s academic interests were shaped by his post-college experiences working in Washington, D.C., where he was a reporter-researcher for The New Republic and then a junior speechwriter for Al Gore’s failed 1988 presidential campaign. Finding past American politics more fulfilling that the present-day variety, Pasley entered the History of American Civilization program at Harvard in 1988, studying early American history with Bernard Bailyn and writing a dissertation on the rise of professional politicians. Pasley’s research (encompassing several different projects) focuses on American political culture between the American Revolution and the Civil War, with particular emphasis on the practical aspects and middle levels of political life. This interest has led him to such misunderstood or little-studied topics as the histories of the partisan press, lobbying, and campaigning.

Professor Pasley is a JMC faculty partner.

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