James Ceaser on “Conversations with Bill Kristol”

“Conversations with Bill Kristol”, a production of the Foundation for Constitutional Government, announces the release of a conversation with JMC Fellow James Ceaser.

In this conversation, James Ceaser discusses the intellectual roots of contemporary progressivism and the role of progressivism in our politics today. Ceaser compares the new progressivism with the ideas of the early twentieth-century progressives, and highlights the influence of “postmodernism” on the contemporary left. Kristol and Ceaser also discuss the effects of progressivism and its relationship to political correctness on and off campus.

This conversation draws on Ceaser’s recent Weekly Standard essay “What’s Next for the Left?”. Ceaser also contributed to the recent symposium to celebrate the tenth anniversary of Harvey Mansfield’s Manliness, hosted by the Hoover Institution and the FCG, which can be viewed here.

Watch the videos, broken down by chapter, here.

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