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Humane Studies Fellowship


The Humane Studies Fellowship is a renewable, non-residency award of up to $15,000 per year to support current or future students in PhD programs. Intended for graduate students with an interest in developing, teaching, and applying classical liberal ideas and the principles of a free society, this program supports research and teaching in the humanities and social sciences.

Application deadline extended to: April 1, 2018

The Humane Studies Fellowship is more than just a check to help you pay for your doctorate. Once you become a Fellow, IHS is a partner and champion for your academic career.

As a Fellowship recipient, you will receive individual academic advising as well as guidance, resources, and access to a passionate and supportive community of scholars dedicated to the advancement of classical liberal ideas.

The Application Process

As part of the application process, you will be required to answer two essay questions and upload several supporting documents, listed below.

-Essay Questions
In 500 words or fewer:
1. Describe the research project you will complete as part of the fellowship.
2. Tell us how your research project advances liberty.

-Required Uploads
1. Your CV.
2. A recent writing sample of 3,000 words or fewer. If your preferred writing sample is longer than 3,000 words, a partial sample of that work is acceptable.
3. An electronic transcript from your current (or most recent) institution. Unofficial transcripts are acceptable.

If you have defended your dissertation proposal, please submit your proposal.

Supporting documents must be uploaded to the application as electronic files (.doc, pdf, etc.) as we no longer accept supporting materials by mail. Please begin collecting supporting materials early, as certain items may take time to compile. Instructions for how to submit supporting materials are listed at the end of the online application.

You must provide two recommendations for your application.

Within the application form, you will need to provide the names of your recommendation references. You will NOT attach the recommendation documents to the application.

It is your responsibility to make sure your references submit the the recommendation letters directly to Tommy Creegan at This must be done before the application deadline of April 1, 2018.

If you are experiencing problems with completing this step in the application process, please reach out to Tommy Creegan at

Learn more about the fellowship and apply at IHS’s website >>

Hayek Fund for Scholars


The Institute for Humane Studies is the leading institute in higher education dedicated to championing classical liberal ideas and the scholars who advance them.

The funds are awarded on a rolling basis.

The Hayek Fund can help pay for activities including, but not limited to:

-Presentations at academic or professional conferences

-Travel to academic job interviews on a campus or at professional/academic conferences

-Travel to archives or libraries for research

-Submission of unpublished manuscripts to journals or book publishers

-Participation in career-development or enhancing seminars

-Collaborative research projects with a faculty member and aspiring academic

-Purchase of data sets necessary for research

-Hire a professor to review an article you are trying to publish

-Hire a professor for job market support including application review, mock job interviews, etc.

-Cover PhD program application fees

The Application Process

You must submit your application online at least four weeks before your activity, so that we can review it and notify you in time (we do not award funding retroactively).

Your completed application must include the following items:

-A summary of your presentation, such as an abstract or copy of the paper you intend to present at a conference, a description of arranged interviews, or a description of your planned research (e.g., a dissertation proposal)

-A brief essay, no more than 500 words, describing how your proposed activity will advance your career

-A brief essay, no more than 500 words, explaining the three most significant historical developments of the last 500 years relating to liberty.

Applicants will be notified of the committee’s decision within two weeks of submission, and awards will be disbursed after the awardee presents original receipts.

Learn more and apply at IHS’s website >>



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