Founding Civics in Virginia

JMC first started teacher programming in Virginia in 2019with an annual weeklong summer institute at the University of Virginia. Now, three years later, we are developing a graduate course at UVA, a summer institute at American University. The “birthplace of American democracy” is becoming a national leader in civic education. JMC programming is rapidly growing in the state.


We hope that by 2026, one third of all Charlottesville area social studies teachers will have participated in a JMC Founding Civics program.

Program Sponsors

John Templeton Foundation

Mr. John Lillard



Questions? Please email Lauren Altobelli at

Programs in Virginia

Upcoming Opportunities

American University Political Theory Institute


June 24-28, 2024: Summer Civics Institute on American Principles and Debates



Christopher Newport University Center for American Studies


June 22-26, 2024: Christopher Newport University Summer Institute




Want to learn more about upcoming Virginia programs? Email Lauren Altobelli at

Faculty Partners in Virginia

Laura and Pete Walker Professor in American Studies
Co-Director, Center for American Studies
Director, American Studies
Christopher Newport University
Professor of Politics
University of Virginia
Director, Political Theory Institute
Associate Professor of Government
American University
John K. Boardman, Jr. Professor of Politics
Washington & Lee University
Visiting Assistant Professor of Politics
Washington & Lee University
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