Elizabeth Kaufer Busch Awarded Endowed Professorship

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Elizabeth Kaufer Busch Named Laura and Pete Walker Endowed Professor in American Studies


Dr. Elizabeth Kaufer Busch, prominent scholar in the field of civic education and JMC board member, has been named the inaugural holder of the Laura and Pete Walker Endowed Professorship in American studies.

Busch is co-director of the Center for American Studies, a JMC partner program, and director of American Studies. She joined the Christopher Newport faculty in 2005 and was a driving force behind implementing the American studies major and minor. She played a major role in creating the Center for American Studies in 2007 to promote faculty and undergraduate research on America’s founding principles, economics and national security.

The focus of Dr. Busch’s research is the role of civic education in supporting democratic institutions and good governance. She has also done extensive research into evolving conceptions of sex, gender and feminist thought, and the role those concepts have on public policy. Busch’s 2018 book, Title IX: The Transformation of Sex Discrimination in Education explores the non-legislative processes by which the 37-word law has been transformed over four decades.

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Liz Busch, board memberElizabeth Kaufer Busch is a professor of politics and co-director of Christopher Newport University’s Center for American Studies. Professor Kaufer Busch started the program with a seed grant from JMC in 2007. Along with her husband and co-director, Professor Nathan Busch, she has worked closely with JMC and built a model program, from fundraising and programming to new faculty positions, majors, course offerings, and events.

She received the Alumni Society Teaching and Mentoring Award from Christopher Newport University in 2012 and is a co-author of the book Title IX: Critical Moments in American History. Professor Kaufer-Busch received her Ph.D. from Michigan State University.

Professor Kaufer Busch is a JMC board member.

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