Patrick N. Cain: Democracy and the History of Political Thought

Three pillars

Democracy and the History of Political Thought

Edited by Patrick N. Cain, Stephen Patrick Sims, and Stephen A. Block


Democracy and the History of Political ThoughtJMC fellow Patrick Cain has recently co-edited and contributed to a collection of pieces on democracy and the history of political thought. Aside from Dr. Cain, several JMC academics contributed essays, including J. David Alvis, Mark Blitz, Daniel E. Burns, Steven Forde, Jerome Foss, Mary P. Nichols, Alexander Orwin, Sean D. Sutton, Ann Ward, Lee Ward, and Catherine H. Zuckert:

This volume provides a fresh perspective on current democratic theory and practice by recovering the rich evaluations of democracy in the history of political thought. Each author addresses a single thinker’s reflections on the virtues and defects of democracy and the relationship between democracy and other regimes. Together, these essays explore the tensions within the democratic way of life that arise from an attachment to equality, liberty, citizenship, law, and the divine. Above all, this work aims at recovering a more complex understanding of democracy, connecting the perennial questions of political philosophy to the perplexities and crises of modern democracy.


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Patrick CainPatrick N. Cain is an Associate Professor and Chair of Political Science at Lakehead University. His research focuses on political philosophy and constitutional law. He has published articles and book chapters on the political thought of Aristotle, Homer, Shakespeare, Thomas Aquinas, Benedict XVI, and constitutional law. Professor Cain is currently developing a book manuscript on ancient political thought and the family.

Professor Cain is a JMC fellow.

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