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The New Rambler Review: An Online Review of Books

Editors Cindy Ewing, Connor Ewing, Simon Stern, and Anna Su


The New Rambler Review has just announced its relaunch in August 2019 under the editorial leadership of Cindy Ewing, JMC fellow Connor Ewing, Simon Stern, and Anna Su. Founded in 2015, the New Rambler Review is an online venue for scholarly discussion of the contemporary moment, publishing reviews of select new books in law, literature, history, and politics. In contrast to the formal book review format, New Rambler features long-form essays that allow experts to bring their insights to bear on recent monographs and extend the conversation across disciplines in a collegial and open scholarly space.

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Mark Tushnet: “The Presence of Loss”


Legacies of Losing in American PoliticsThe first piece featured in the newly relaunched New Rambler is “The Presence of Loss,” by Mark Tushnet, a review of Legacies of Losing in American Politics, the latest book from JMC faculty partner Jeffrey Tulis and Nicole Mellow:

“Jeffrey Tulis and Nicole Mellow have written a great book that should be added to the short list of essential works on U.S. constitutional development. Their interlocutors are Walter Dean Burnham (on critical elections), Bruce Ackerman (on constitutional moments), and perhaps indirectly Stephen Skowronek (on the succession of president-driven regimes). Those authors focus on how political leaders win elections and transform politics by enacting distinctive policies, creating new institutions of governance, and articulating visions of what government should do. As the title of their book says, Tulis and Mellow focus on politicians who lose their battles—decisively, massively—in the short run but who create the conditions for eventual success, again along the dimensions of policy-promotion, institution-creation, and ideology-articulation…”

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Connor EwingConnor Ewing is an Assistant Professor in the Department of Political Science and an Associate of Trinity College at the University of Toronto. Previously, he was a Postdoctoral Research Associate in the Program on Constitutionalism & Democracy at the University of Virginia, where he held a teaching appointment in the Department of Politics. Spanning the fields of Public Law and American Politics, Professor Ewing’s research focuses on American constitutional theory, American political thought, and American political and constitutional development. His work has appeared or is forthcoming in the International Journal of Constitutional LawPresidential Studies Quarterly, the Tulsa Law Review, and multiple edited volumes.

Professor Ewing is a JMC fellow.

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