Conference on the History of American Global Affairs

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Cambridge History of America and the World


The Kinder Institute, a JMC partner program, will host over 30 scholars of American political and transnational history for a two-day conference to workshop chapters-in-progress for the nineteenth-century volume of Cambridge University Press’ four-volume Cambridge History of America and the World (the 19th-century volume will be co-edited by Kinder Institute Chair Jay Sexton and his longtime collaborator, University of Illinois Professor of History Kristin Hoganson).

May 17-19, 2018
The Kinder Institute • University of Missouri

The new collection, which will redefine study of the complex and varied relations between the United States and foreign nations over the entire course of U.S. history, including the colonial era, is revolutionary in its ambition, and the May 2018 conference in Columbia is likewise unprecedented in scope, providing contributors with an entirely unique opportunity to present their research to and receive feedback from panels of colleagues from around the globe.

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