IIT Conference on “Privacy, Security, and the Smart City”

IIT Chicago-Kent College of Law Conference: “Could the American Founders have anticipated the modern relations between privacy, security, and mass surveillance?”

This one-day conference, held on Friday, November 6th, will focus on the privacy issues created by the ubiquitous surveillance of smart cities. The conference will analyze how decisions about the balance between privacy and benefits of information processing are made and how they should be made. It will examine the control we do and should have over our information, and the extent to which we could and should use technology and the law to gain greater control.

After an overview of the issues raised by smart cities, experts will participate in various panel discussions:

  1. Are Smart Cities A Smart Choice? discussing the benefits and risks of developing hyperconnected cities.
  2. Reaping Benefits, Respecting Privacy considering how we can design with adequate respect for privacy
  3. The Role of Venture Capital in the Development of Smart Cities
  4. Security, Psychology, and the Smart City examining technological requirements, psychological effects, and legal issues involved in providing adequate security
  5. Surveillance and Its Connection to Larger Social Issues.

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This event is made possible through the generous support of the John Templeton Foundation.