Collaborative Curriculum: Bill of Rights

A new online resource for civics and history teachers

The Jack Miller Center is pleased to introduce a new resource for teachers in the Collaborative Curriculum: Bill of Rights. This e-book seeks to make the value of JMC’s Founding Civics professional development programming available to teachers anywhere by inviting some of the the best political theorists and intellectual historians in the JMC network to contribute key primary source texts, which teachers can bring into their classrooms.


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Texts are not only carefully selected but annotated by the scholars with introductory notes, brief explainers, footnotes, discussion prompts, and exercise suggestions. All contributing scholars have participated in teacher programming supported by the Harvey L. Miller Founding Civics Initiative, and annotations are informed by their participation in this programming. In time, we plan to add specific questions from teachers and responses from scholars as well as classroom suggestions from teachers. Look for future e-books on Separation of Powers and Federalism!

For more resources on the Bill of Rights, be sure to check out JMC’s First Amendment Library, which offers a guided tour of the history, law, and theory of our constitutional protections of free speech and religious liberty.

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