Christopher Caldwell on Conversations with Bill Kristol

Caldwell on Conversations with Bill Kristol

Populism in Europe and the Future of the European Union


Christopher Caldwell II joins Bill Kristol, a JMC board member, on Conversations with Bill Kristol to discuss the state of European politics.

Watch the episode below:


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Christopher Caldwell is a national correspondent at The Weekly Standard. He is the author of Reflections on the Revolution In Europe: Immigration, Islam and the West (Doubleday, 2009). He has contributed to The New York TimesThe Wall Street Journal, The Washington Post, and The Atlantic.


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Bill Kristol photoWilliam Kristol is a member of JMC’s Board of Directors and the editor at large of The Weekly Standard, is a regular on ABC’s This Week and on ABC’s special events and election coverage, and appears frequently on other leading political commentary shows. Before starting The Weekly Standard in 1995, Mr. Kristol led the Project for the Republican Future, where he helped shape the strategy that produced the 1994 Republican congressional victory. He served as editor for 21 years.

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