Call for Papers: History of Voting Conference, Ohio University

Voting: A History

13-14 April 2018

The George Washington Forum on American Ideas, Politics, and Institutions, which has its home at Ohio University, invites paper proposals for a conference and subsequent edited volume on the global history of elections. The conference organizers seek papers that explore the political, intellectual and cultural implications of voting across a variety of time periods and world regions. The conference organizers are especially interested in the differing global conceptualizations of voting; the origins of modern voting procedures; the ethical dimensions of voting; and the philosophical and political responses to voting’s spread across
the world.

The conference will be held at Ohio University in Athens, Ohio (13–14 April 2018). James Ceaser (Virginia), Alex Keyssar (Harvard), Yascha Mounk (Harvard) and Hedwig Richter (Greifswald, Hamburg) will deliver plenary lectures.

The conference organizers welcome the work of advanced doctoral students and both young and established scholars in the fields of history, political science, law, economics, philosophy and other fields in which the history of elections is a topic of research.

Proposals should include a 500-word abstract, a brief curriculum vitae, and current contact information and should be sent by 8 November 2017, to the conference organizers.

Dr. Joshua Hill, Department of History, Ohio University (

Dr. Robert G. Ingram, Department of History, Ohio University (

Notifications will be sent by 1 December 2017



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