ASU Event on Campus Speech and Violent Protests

ASU Campus Speech event flyer

Speech on Campus: When Protests Turn Extreme


The School of Civic and Economic Thought and Leadership at Arizona State, a JMC partner program, is sponsoring an upcoming lecture on the threat to free speech facing academic communities. This event is another in the series “Free Speech and Intellectual Diversity in Higher Education and American Society.”

Monday, February 12, 2018 • 7:00PM
Cronkite Building, First Amendment Forum • Downtown Phoenix campus

Join Professor Stanger and Professor Martinez Valdivia to unpack the impact of violent protests on free speech. The Jack Miller Center has also recently focused its efforts on free speech by showing the preeminent role of free speech in American political life. For Constitution Day 2017, JMC selected freedom of speech as the theme. As part of the effort to bring attention to this theme and its place in the Constitution, JMC has launched an online resource center that explores the history, law, and theory of free speech and includes an extensive entry on Freedom of Speech on Campus. All of the Constitution Day events sponsored by the JMC this year involved freedom speech, and several addressed issues of speech on campus.

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Allison Stanger is the Russell Leng ’60 professor of international politics and economics at Middlebury College. Her most recent book, “One Nation Under Contract: The Outsourcing of American Power and the Future of Foreign Policy,” was published by Yale University Press in fall 2009 (paperback edition published in January 2011). Stanger received her doctorate in political science from Harvard University. She also holds an Master of Arts in regional studies — Soviet Union (Harvard), a graduate diploma in economics (London School of Economics), and a Bachelor of Science in actuarial science/mathematics (Ball State University).

>>Click here to learn more about Professor Stanger.

Professor Valdivia headshotLucía Martínez Valdivia is an assistant professor of English and humanities at Reed College. She works primarily in early modern English poetry and non-dramatic prose, with a focus on Reformation politics and poetics. A chapter from her first book project, “Mere Meter: Early Modern Metrical Psalms and the Sound of English Poetry,” is forthcoming in a new history of English literature from Cambridge University Press. Her writing has also appeared in The Washington Post, The Oregonian and the Chicago Tribune. Martínez Valdivia received her doctorate in English literature from the University of Pennsylvania in addition to a Master of Arts in English and comparative literature from Columbia University and a Bachelor of Music from Florida State University.

Read Professor Valdivia’s Washington Post op-ed where she discusses aggressive protesters on Reed’s campus and urges other professors to speak out.

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