JMC 2018 Summer Institute

JMC 2018 Summer Institute: “What is America?”


This summer, emerging scholars of American political thought and history will convene in Philadelphia from June 25 to July 3 to consider the question, “What is America?” Participants will attend a variety of seminars and presentations led by accomplished faculty and participate in professional development workshops.

This Summer Institute will turn to the origins of what the Founders called this “experiment” in self-government and draw from a variety of texts from the founding period to the present. Participants will have the opportunity to connect with other early-career scholars as well as senior faculty with similar interests and concerns. They will join JMC’s community of fellows dedicated to the study and teaching of America’s founding principles, consisting of some 900 JMC Fellows on over 300 college campuses across the country.

Institute Faculty

James Ceaser
(University of Virginia): “Rationalism and Traditionalism in American Political Development”

Diana Schaub (Loyola University Maryland): “Decline and Recovery: The Statesmanship of Lincoln”

Benjamin Kleinerman (James Madison College): “Checks and Balances and the Preservation of the Separation of Powers”

Steven Smith (Yale University): “Two Views of American Individualism”

Wilfred McClay (University of Oklahoma): “What Kind of Community is the Academy?”

Michael Zuckert (University of Notre Dame): “Is the End of History the End of Man?”



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